log management

Log Management

Perceive IT security threats faced and get Compliance Audit ready

Our Log Management and Compliance Suite helps IT administrators to visualize the security threats posed to the networks and fulfill the regulatory compliance and audit requirements.

  • Watch out for the threats posed by the internal privileged user
  • Monitors the security threats attempted at the periphery of network
  • Ensure compliance to various industry and government regulations
  • Fulfill the requirements of the compliance auditors

Administrators need to take proactive measures to ensure the security of their enterprise IT. Log Management plays a pivotal role in monitoring the internal and external security threats and fulfill regulatory compliance requirements.

IT Managers/CIOs need to continuously detect and analyze security incidents to ensure high state of preparedness in countering the security attack, have a serious responsibility towards regulatory compliance, to ensure that defensive mechanisms are in place to protect confidential corporate and client data.

Moreover, non-compliance to regulatory standards could lead to stiff penalties including multi-million dollar fines and even imprisonment of those personnel responsible for security of data. All these risks make regulatory compliance a top priority for IT managers in any enterprise.

Common Concerns in Security and Compliance:

  • Information leak due to misuse of data by privileged internal users
  • Intranet policy violation - unauthorized users trying to access network and data resources
  • Monitoring viruses attempting to enter your network
  • Watching out for attacks, like Trojans, aimed at the network resources
  • Ensuring proper business use of internet bandwidth
  • Losing business due to unsafe corporate and client data
  • Attracting stiff penalties from statutory agencies for non compliance


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